To us a good job is not just about money. In addition to competitive compensation and bonuses acknowledging outstanding work, we also offer a wide range of benefits to everyone working at our company.

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With their skills, ideas and curiosity, our employees shape the success of our company and our products. That’s why we aim to offer them attractive working conditions. 

Competitive compensation that reflects the qualifications and responsibilities of our employees are part of the standard package at our company. We also believe that the power of our teams exponentially builds on the achievements of our individuals. That’s why we reward both, by paying bonuses that acknowledge outstanding work.

But in this day and age it’s not all about money. A job at our company also provides you with flexibility to adapt to your priorities in life and the security of a company that is already successful for more than 350 years. We support a diverse workforce and are sensitive to your needs, regardless of your location, cultural or ethnic background, family status or age. We want to make your life easier and your work even more rewarding.

We offer benefits in three areas which are all subject to local legislation:

  • Company Benefits such as company retirement plans, which are most often financed by us but might also require part finance by the employee, or flexible working models
  • Health & Well-Being Benefits which might include subsidised gym membership, company sports, access to private counseling, discounted dental care insurance, nutrition counseling, vaccinations or meal vouchers
  • Services for Life, our platform to provide support or self-service for individual needs such as child or elderly care, or exclusive retail discounts on travel, fashion, electronics and more

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Careers during Covid-19

Thank you for visiting our careers website, we are always looking for curious minds to join our teams. We understand how much the world is being impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and we want to assure you that your safety is very important to us. To ensure that everyone’s health is protected, instead of a standard face-to-face interview it is likely that you will be offered alternative digital interview options.


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