Breakthroughs begin with Curiosity

We believe that curiosity is the driving force behind human progress and development. Discover why curiosity is crucial for our future.

Train your Curiosity

Now and then we tend to get a little tied-down with our daily working routines. Without noticing, we can quickly slip into autopilot – forgetting to ask questions or taking time to embrace the new and unfamiliar. Curiosity conquers routine. Find out how curious you are and learn to train your curiosity now. 

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What’s the connection?

Discover how seemingly unrelated topics are connected.

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Curious Minds

Biologist Inés Dawson meets curious minds from the world of science and technology to discuss the four dimensions of curiosity.

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State of Curiosity Report 2018

In 2015, we worked with curiosity experts to conduct a survey measuring the levels of curiosity among US workers – and the support offered by their employers. In 2016, we added results from workers in Germany and China to get a more global picture of the state of curiosity. For our latest study in 2018, we asked more than 3,000 employees from various business sectors in Germany, China, and the USA to describe barriers and enhancers to curiosity encountered at work.

Break the Barriers

Explore our 2018 State of Curiosity Report and discover what's stopping you from being curious at work.

Report Summary 2018

Breakthroughs in science and technology begin with curiosity. But how is curiosity perceived by workers in Germany, China and the US?

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Read and download the full report from 2018.



We believe that curiosity is the driving force behind human progress and development. And while the future poses many challenges and uncertainties, we're convinced that curiosity can help mankind navigate its unchartered terrain with confidence and optimism. Discover more about the four dimensions of curiosity and how leaving your comfort zone from time to time can provide answers to questions that have yet to be asked!

When will you discover the power of curiosity?

Future of Work

Change management expert Andreas Steinle explores how topics like AI and self-management will change the way we work in the future.

Future Talk

The time and date of your death… would you want to know? This and more in episode one of the Future Talk podcast series.


Which Nobel laureate made this statement? Find out and explore perspectives from other scientists…


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